NOTE: BIRD BUDDIES was one of seven “birdy books” recommended for kids the summer of 2018 by the National Audubon Society.

Bird Buddies: A Curious Tale of Feathered Friends

This is the second in a series of early reader stories about Boone and Rosa. It follows Buzzy and the Little Critters: A Curious Tale of a Cicada Invasion, which earned praise from teachers, librarians, scientists, parents, grandparents, and kids from coast to coast.

In Bird Buddies Rosa and Boone, with the help of Rosa’s aunt (an ornithologist), turn their attention to satisfying their curiosity about two very different and interesting birds - one that can talk and one that can only hum - an African Grey Parrot and a Ruby Throated Hummingbird. Along the way Boone and Rosa learn about friendships - between both feathered and featherless friends.

In addition to Rosa’s story within a story, Bird Buddies is full of interesting facts about these fascinating birds and offers suggestions on where and how to learn more.

After a career as a teacher, counselor, school principal, and leadership coach, Ken is now writing and illustrating children’s books. He and his wife live in Portland, Oregon, where they tend many different flowers to attract and feed hummingbirds.

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